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Friday, June 25, 2004

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Within 3 days i went to jb twice and believe it or not i only spend abt 50 sing dollars for a fun-filled day for two!!! are the things u can do..

Movie @Mega pavillion -City square
(saw pontianak harum sundal malam....quite a gd show) -RM$20

2) Cheap...breezy lunch by e bay @DANGA BAY.... -RM$15

3) Tram ride by e bay -RM$2

4) Boat ride to kelong - (this was e most fun!!) -RM$20 (for two)

5) Seafood dinner "by e sea" @ stulang...(with chili crab..yumz!) -RM$38.50


The MOVIE review

Summary: Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam - Great horror movie with a story line and some melodrama...NO "overplayed-not-scary" fact e fear factor is sort of in a creepy kinda way..the "scariness" is subtle..yet gets under ur skin...and i'm hooked to e soundtrrack...

Maya Karin looked good in e movie and make a perfect "pontianak" with her eyes and sinister yet "sweet" smile...i say one of r best pontianak films i've ever view trailer and listen to sound track click on e link below thing though i suggest u read e movie outline movie watching it to understand it better....


Summary: Danga Bay is like e JB Lau Pa Sat only dat e view is MUCH better and e food MUCH pasta...western food...chinese food...satay...seafood..local cuisines ALL HALAL...!!And e breeze is so refreshing...its along e "jalan tepi laut" near pantai lido...definitely my new JB hangout!!

Tram Ride

Summary: As mentioned e tram ride is only one ringgit per head and it goes along e whole strech of danga bay.At e same time u get to see what are e activities available there...there are water sports like jet ski...banana boat (see pics)...also horse riding on e beach ..hehe so romantic...!!

Boat ride to Kelong

Summary: This was r "funnest" activity of e day!! It was unexpected to....taking e boat ride to e kelong in e waters in between s'pore and JB....the 25min ride was worth it and we get to see e kelonngs up close...can u imagine there are dogs living on e tiny..unstable kelongs....i wouldnt want to be on one in a stormy night..*brrr* e sea at nite gives me e creeps...The wind was great and we get to see sungai buloh...woodlands ..from a far...a cool experience...!!


Review: Dinner @stulang was cheap and good....many shops to choose from....this time we tried e SAYAM shop...not bad..better than e last stall we went to..ANyways i got my chilli crab which was super cheap..and the fried squid only RM$4...serves dat cheap or what!!! yumz....

::I m beautiful:: @ 10:38 PM

Sunday, April 04, 2004

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::I m beautiful:: @ 6:31 AM